FIFA 14 1.0

Soccer simulator featuring realistic graphics, a variety of game modes, and smooth gameplay

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FIFA 14 1.0
FIFA 14 2014

FIFA 14 is a member of the FIFA family of soccer simulation games, and it adds a number of new features that focus on increasing realism while improving gameplay.

The new features introduced in this game were built to make the playing experience more enjoyable, and they do so by bringing the game's realism to a new tier.

Player animations have been improved drastically over FIFA 13. The game features a new graphic processing system called Precision Movement, which creates smooth motions when players rotate, sprint, slow down, or change directions.

Since the game is more realistic, players are able to control the ball with enhanced precision. With this new system, players can shield their position with their body, which offers increased protection against stealing. This feature helps the player control the game's pace, and it gives them a way to stall for time if necessary.

FIFA 14 uses a new approach to handling ball physics and shooting. The game has a Pure Shot feature that helps you find the optimal angle and location for your shot. You can calibrate each shot down to the individual millimeter, and you can preview the potential trajectories of the ball thanks to the new physics system.

To instill more realism in the game-controlled defensive players, defenders now use a dynamic pressure system that allows them to react to a bigger picture of the overall gameplay. This helps the defenders make decisions with less impulsivity and more reliability.

In FIFA 14, EA introduced a new type of online multiplayer. They called this new mode Co-op Seasons, and it allows you to play with a friend against an opposing team of two. These online matches are ranked, and players vie for the league title by working toward first place.

To help you gain greater skill, a number of mini-games have been included in FIFA 14. For even more help, you can use the tutorial section to learn how to perform player celebrations, advanced techniques, dribbling skills, and basic movements.

The user interface for FIFA 14 has been redesigned with greater aesthetic appeal and usability. Unfortunately, the Team Management, Tactics, and Training menus were left out of this update.

While the menus and user interface of FIFA 14 are fairly impressive, the realistic controls and gameplay are where it truly shines. If you played FIFA 13, you won't have to learn any new controls, but you will have to get accustomed to the improved maneuverability of the players.

Players respond to commands efficiently and quickly, and the game has been paced for promoting teamwork. This results in optimal fluidity, and you can easily see these upgrades when players engage in one-on-one action. With such fine control and improved ball physics, you can perform volleys and plays that might have been impossible in older versions.


  • Realistic, Smooth Animations
  • Exceptional Gameplay
  • Intuitive Menu Layout
  • Online Co-Op Mode
  • Optimally Paced


  • Same Team Management Options
  • Same Graphics Engine

The series of popular soccer titles brought to fans by EA Sports has culminated in FIFA 14, which now provides players with more team customization and control than ever.

One of the primary reasons EA Sports invested so much money and energy into FIFA 14 was the fact that it would become one of the very first titles ever released on next-gen consoles as well as the PC. This means that fans of this genre were expecting some big changes when it came to everything from graphics and design to team customization and game play. For those who have played previous titles in this series, the first thing they will notice is how the digital world in FIFA 14 has come alive.

Each match is carried out in an exact replica of a real-world pitch and can be played in a variety of weather scenarios and at any time of day or night. Most stadiums house over 120 different unique camera angles, which can seamlessly be changed in and out of every single match. Fans of FIFA will also notice just how much the stadiums have improved, with unique fans for each match who carry out a variety of emotions and chants as the points are tallied up.

Along with a vibrant and reactive world, the new EA Sports Ignite engine has made the game play more fluid and spectacular than ever with the ability for players to control the smallest of details while their team is on the pitch. Over 1,000 new and unique animations have been created and implemented including those that will affect the game play and those that are for show. A slew of new kicks, slices, quick touches and other mechanics have been added, while other animations show the energy of the players, their demeanor and how the overall match is going.

What true FIFA enthusiasts can really sink their teeth into are the changes to FIFA's own unique Ultimate Team, typically the most popular form of game play with upward of 3 million matches played daily on FIFA 13. Ultimate Team now allows players to fully investigate the chemistry of their team and make changes to tactics on the fly with the perfect mixing and matching of skills, demeanor and aggression.

Overall, fans who already love this genre are going to find enough new features to pick up the newest title in this series. FIFA 14 helps to once again bring this sport alive with a vibrant and competitive world.


-New game-play engine

-Improved stadium graphics

-New animations

-More control over team chemistry and tactics


-Control over the team's finances seems like an afterthought

-Limited buildup play during matches

-No female leagues

-Second-rate soundtrack

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