FIFA 14 1.3.6

Enjoy this worldwide free soccer simulation game with multiple modes of play

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FIFI 14 is a soccer simulation game that has been ported to the Android operating system, and it represents one of the most popular titles within one of the most popular soccer video game series in the world.

This game from EA is a bit of a stripped down version of the original game for consoles, but that won't stop players from getting sucked in. The game itself is primarily the Ultimate Team mode from the primary title, but other game modes can be unlocked using in-game purchases. Many players will find those purchases unnecessary, however.

FIFA 14 has an updated user interface and several new touchscreen controls that make the gameplay much more engaging. The standard modes that come with this title are Ultimate Team, Support Your Club, Online, Games of the Week, and Penalty Shootout. Kick Off, Tournament, and Manager modes are available for purchase.

In the Ultimate Team mode, which is the most polished mode in the game, players will build a virtual team of players from a pool of real-world soccer stars. Game characters can be sold and bought at auction, and the goal is to build a team that remains close over the course of the matches. The game actually measures the camaraderie between the players on the squad, and the more they are in sync, the better they will play. When you are victorious in a match in this mode, you will win virtual currency that can be used to upgrade your team even more.

The game includes more than 16,000 players from over 600 teams in 33 legitimate soccer leagues. There are 34 stadiums where players can test their skills, and the game includes the same achievements and trophies that can be earned in the console version of the game.

Since this game is a port from a PC and console game to a mobile platform, the controls and interface have had to be redone. The controls are actually fairly intuitive, and they are closer to the PC controls than the console controls, which provides an improved navigation system and usability. Touch controls have been introduced as well, and a tutorial is included that details how to use these comprehensive controls. Players who prefer to use a virtual directional pad can opt for that as well, and many players feel that is the superior option.

One of the only drawbacks to the game is that it is a bit slow-paced for such an impressive title. The graphics are solid and the animations are smooth and fluid, but there isn't anything that truly stands out in terms of quality. The soundtrack for the game is great, but it hasn't been changed much since the previous versions. The sound effects are also similar to those in earlier games in the FIFA series, but there is game commentary that helps break up the monotony.


  • Excellent Ultimate Team Mode
  • Updated Interface
  • Superb Gameplay
  • Comprehensive Tutorial
  • Multiple Teams, Leagues, and Stadiums


  • Lacks Graphical Improvement
  • Slow Pace

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